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You can save money!

Our company strives to provide the most advantageous prices for the client depending on the nature, scope and complexity of services and the number, preparedness and processing documents.

On the basis of the information you supply about your company and the number of accounting documents for a given time period (month, quarter, semester or year) we will prepare a detailed price offer.

If you have an offer from another professional accounting firm, send it to us and we will try to give you a better offer!

  • Price for single-entry accounting – from € 16,60 per month
  • Price for an item in single-entry accounting – from € 0,56to € 0,76
  • Price for double-entry accounting– from € 20 per month
  • Price for an item in double-entry accounting– from € 0,82 to € 1,16 per month
  • Payroll records - full-time employee – € 8,30
  • Employee agreement – € 8,30/Stunde

We provide taxconsultancy to our regular clientsfree of charge, to other entities from € 8,30 per hour.